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Dr. Adrian de la Torre

Dr. Adrian de la Torre has been a practicing physician since 1985. He received training at Washington University, St. Louis, MO and the University of Minnesota Hospitals, Minneapolis, MN. Dr. de la Torre graduated from Medical School in 1980 from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. He practiced as a Full-time Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine at Loma Linda University from 1990-1997. Dr. de la Torre has also been active in Cosmetic Medicine for the last 16 years. He is Owner of Ten20 in Dana Point California. He is also the Medical Director for several Clinics in Southern and Northern California and is actively involved in the treatment of chronic illnesses using Interleukins. His interest in Molecular Biology dates back to his undergraduate years when he and Mr. Weitzen were chemistry lab partners at San Diego State University. Contact him at [email protected]

H. Skip Weitzen

Skip Weitzen is a researcher, writer and author of:


  • Golden Rules: Seven Secrets of 50-Year Marriages
  • Rahab’s Rope: A Faith for All Ages
  • Infopreneurs: Online & Global
  • Hypergrowth: Applying the Success Formula of Today’s Fastest Growing Companies
  • Infopreneurs: Turning Data into Dollars
  • Telephone Magic: How to tap the Phone’s Marketing Potential in Your Business”